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ultrasouta [userpic]


I won a prize. (*_______*;)

I won... an ARMY. p(*O*)q AN ARMY!! OF UNDEAD MINIONS!!! WAHAHAHAHAHA~~~ *coughchoke*--ahem. (^^;) ...yes.

I... this is so cool. o(*-*)o SO COOL.

I can't believe this.



KIME, I HAVE AN ARMY. (*______*) ISN'T IT CUTE?! *points at the thousands of decaying corpses filling the streets around his apartment* ......I BET I CAN TEACH IT HOW TO DO TRICKS. (*^O^*)

*runs off to appoint generals and officers and cooks*

[edit] Oh dear.... It seems my army caused a lot of traffic problems... (^^;) *looks sheepish* I told them to roll over, though, and they all disappeared into the ground...!! (*o*) IT WAS SO AWESOME..!!

I'll have to call them up somewhere in the country where there's less people around... I think I might have almost given Naoko Obaa-chan on the third floor a heart attack... *worried frown* Thankfully, it was right after she took her medication, so she thought she was hallucinating... *sweatdrops* [/edit]

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ultrasouta [userpic]

I was in a fast food restaurant earlier, and there was a family in the booth next to ours. A mother, father, and their son who looked about... 6? 7? The mother asked him what he wanted, since she was going to toss out all the garbage, and they had a soda and a milkshake and some french fries. The little boy replied "I want everything." And the mother sighed and just said, "I know you do, honey."

She left him the milkshake and threw everything else away.

I sat there for a little while and let my mind wander while I stared at my own drink.

...Is it harder on the child or the parent...? When the child finds out that they can't have everything?

...does the answer always have to be 'no'? o(._.)o


I suppose I have to post this, too, since I replied. (^^;)Collapse )

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ultrasouta [userpic]

under the cutCollapse )

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ultrasouta [userpic]

Private to Kime, Nagayan, and anyone else who's seen his BlowfishCollapse )

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ultrasouta [userpic]

PrivateCollapse )


It looks like Atobe-san and Shishido-san threw quite the party...! I had plans and couldn't go... but hopefully everyone who did had fun..? (^^;) I guess I should give up on the hope that everyone stayed sober, since I'm positive no one did... (._.;)

I've always got a full supply of icepacks, painkillers, anti-nausea stuff, and anything else you can think of to help with hangovers barring more alcohol, as I won't give you that, so you're welcome to stop by if you need any.

I also offer massages, which can help with the pain and also help with clearing your system, but only if you don't mind letting me test out the latest techniques I've learned. o(^-^)o

Although, if you don't like hangovers, my suggestion is not to get drunk. (._.;)


In other news... I picked up the Death Note film guide for the first movie! image~Collapse )

It's quite large, just over 8.5x11 inches, and almost entirely in color! Please, if you like Death Note, buy it and check out the beautiful artwork and extra comic section that's included with all of the backstage movie stuff! Unless you're a Death Note character, in which case... please don't buy this. (@_@;) *sweatdrops*

I'm only in a couple of the pictures, since Matsuda-kun's role isn't that big... but Tatsuya-kun and Kenichi-kun have been really great actors to watch, ne! And Erika-chan, too... she's such a cute Misa-chan! (*~*) And really fun to talk to off the set ~ o(^-^)o

She was in that popular drama 'Nobuta wo Produce' a couple seasons ago, and I was talking to her about what it's like to work with so many young talents from the Johnnys industry... they're really takng over, ne? (^^;)

It might be trouble for my career... but at the same time, it's so wonderful that all these young actors can get out there and make themselves seen in the industry. p(^o^)q It makes me wish I'd started earlier, too!

Maa, what can I say... youth really inspires me! *grins*


FlavourMemeCollapse )

((khgailkfdjslflks. I KNEW Misa looked familiar! GAH. How could I not realize until now that she also played Mariko-chan, the perfect girl, in Nobuta?! *dies*))

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ultrasouta [userpic]

Today, when I was buying lunch at the conbini... I bumped into Hughes-san and his daughter!! o(*^-^*)o

Elysia-chan is even more adorable in 3D person than in the pictures!! p(*o*)q Hughes-san, you must be so proud ~

I wanted to take pictures of her, she was so cute with the bubbles..! But... *sweats* ...my cellphone battery died. (;_;)

This is what I get for not charging my phone every night, ne? (^^;)

Anyways, Hughes-san sent me a picture that he took with his camera, so here's what I had for lunch!

Picture~Collapse )

It was really yummy, I hadn't had curry croquettes in so long ~ (@o@;) ...I kinda ate them before the picture, so... (^^;) Eheh. And also, the conbini even had an UltramanMax candy box that I'd never seen before...!

...saa... is it odd that I collect action figures and toys? *sweats* The man at the checkout stand gave me a funny look, but the lady next to him just smiled at me. *embarrassed*

The chocolate-dipped waffles were really good, too, ne!! (*_____*) I just dropped off a bag for Ruito-kun and Saitou-san, and I have a few bags here for Kime... I think he'll like them. (*^-^*)

I also picked up some other things at the bookstore (the main reason I went out today), but I'll talk about those another time. I've got to go feed my little Gufu-chan children now!

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ultrasouta [userpic]

Well. (@_@;)

I seem to have gotten myself and a few others in quite a mess. o(._.)o

With filming for Death Note still going, I haven't had near as much time to spend on keeping up with things as I'd like, so it looks like it's a bit late to do much else... but I really wish people would stop pointing fingers. Or at least, point them at me, since every point at Kime-chan is another BlackFuji glare at me.

To clear things up: I spiked the pink lemonade.

I didn't think anyone would be drinking it any time soon, and didn't tell Kime that it was no longer non-alcoholic. (>_<;)

I apologize again, to the people involved. I'm sure Kaito-taiin and Matsuda-kun would be disappointed... (; ;) I'm afraid I'm not doing such a good job living up to their roles right now.

But... I can't let myself stay discouraged, ne?

From today onwards, I'll try my best to be a better Aoyama Souta. p(*_*)q

I hate to let Kime people down, and I want to live up to Kaito's image for all the kids who watched Max and came to the events to meet me him, so I'll try to be less selfish from now on...!

I hope that this will at least make the boys think twice about drinking, though… I know kids these days think it’s cool and hip and all that jazz, but the truth of the matter is that it just makes people act stupidly. o(._.)o Social drinking is the only kind of drinking I really approve of, and that’s only when you’re with people you know well and when you’re mature enough to know your own limits.

Things on my mind recently…Collapse )

Note to Inui ~Collapse )

((…wtf. Souta’s such a sincere little sap. I love him for it, but… gah. x_x; *headdesk* Spazzier, dorkier post later today.))

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ultrasouta [userpic]

Hello ~ o(^-^)o

Wow, this 'LJ' thing is pretty neat! And there are so many interesting people (err, and... not-people?) here, and even people from stories and comics I've read ~ (*O*)

And this looks like a great way to keep in touch with all the people I've lost contact with from old casts and such ~ (*^-^*) I'm really excited! I think we're supposed to have a big MyuCast karaoke thing either tonight or tomorrow night...? p(*o*)q I'm gonna do my best at singing! If I'm lucky, maybe Araki-kun will teach me how to perform his solo..? *looks hopeful* o(^/////^)o

It's funny, I'm supposed to be the 'senpai', but really, I think I learn more from the newer cast members than they probably ever learned from me...! (@/////@;) They're really talented, ne?

I bought Kaji-kun's ROM-4 CD last night! (^-^) It's so catchy! I'm more of a traditional music kind of guy, but I couldn't get the tune out of my head! Kaji-kun, you sound so polished ~ (*o*) Even Kime says it's a great CD!

Speaking of Kime, I think he finally got one of these LJs, too! (^-^) I told him he wouldn't get mobbed by fans on here, so hopefully that stays true because when he gets angry at fans he takes out the anger elsewhere and it's scary. (^^;)

I wonder, though, if I'm not being annoying with all my comments on here? I hope not... but I guess I do some really silly things sometimes, and sometimes after I post things I wonder if I should have just not commented...? (^^;) I mean... a lot of it seems to be private stuff, but if they wanted to keep it private, they wouldn't post it on the internet, right? *sweatdrops* Well, what's done is done.

SO! Today, I'm making my first post on this journal! I'm Aoyama Souta, actor, massage therapist, and daddy to two beautiful adopted Fugu children! You can see my babies in my icon! o(^-^)o I'm currently acting in a set of movies for the series Death Note, and I've done various other tv dramas, plays, and musicals in the past. Right now, my only patient is Kime, but if anyone else is having any pains, especially from the waist down, I specialize in Ashi-Tsubo, a type of shiatsu massage, and I'm always looking for people that will let me try the new techniques that I learn!

This is a bit different from my other blogs, but I expect this whole online community will be a lot different than what I'm used to... so I guess I'll just see what happens next! d(>◇<)!

PS: It's weird seeing Inui-kun on here, as well as the rest of Seigaku... but it's actually really neat once you get past the weirdness!! o(^-^)o They're really interesting guys, just as I thought!!

PPS: Sorry about the long post! (^^;)

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